Sanrenmu S768 Fixed Ringblade - 12C27 Steel, G10, Kydex Sheath

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  • The Senrenmu S768 is truly a unique knife that excels in two categories: outdoor survival and fighting. It's flat-grind blade and drop point blade profile is ideal for outdoor tasks such as wood-working, food prep, and skinning.

    Similar to street-proven karambit knives, the S768 features a finger ring that enables open-hand retention and an extra striking surface. This ring also allows those needing an intermediate knife to fight to their firearm without discarding or sheathing the knife. The aggressively-sharp tip aids in penetrating thick clothing while it's long belly makes the knife a nasty slasher as well.

    This unique hybrid knife would be perfectly at home on your tactical vest just as much as it would in your survival kit. Keep your kit the same.


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