Flux Defense MP17 Raider Holster V2

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This rig is legit.

I purchased a gen 2 model in MCB. It claimed to accept a tlr flashlight, the TD defense gas pedal and charging handle. I also added the option for an agency arms comp. I expected this thing to be dicey at best especially with the accessories, but was willing to try anything at this point with such limited options on the market. HOLY SMOKES, THIS THING IS SICK AF! Locks in retention tightly despite the accessories (shocking), while still making holstering and unholstering pretty easy. Locking the gun in place with the strap is perfect. You guys crushed it. I am very, very satisfied with the product fit and finish, and i expect it will hold up nicely.

Ben Griffith

Works better than I expected! Having created holsters for our systems, I know it isn't easy. These guys are awesome!

Flux Raider Holster

I really like that a holster is available for the Flux Raider. It fits well once a light is mounted and holds it with the brace collapsed or extended. I like the addition of the QLS fork as well.

My first suggestion for a gen 2/final model would be some sort of secondary retention screw, a skeletonized strengthener or a thicker Kydex. On what would be the underside, where the grip side of the Flux slides in, it feels a little flimsy. Another suggestion would be some sort of active retention, even a button strap system to keep the pistol in place and slow down a grab from an OPFOR.

All in all, it’s a great start and I’m excited to see what the improvements will be!

Customer Disclaimer - Lead times will be much faster than before but the new holsters may still take a few weeks to process and ship.  We appreciate your patience.  

The Flux Defense MP17 Raider is a unique and compact weapon chassis that turns any Sig P320 Pistol into a fighting PDW. Due to its unique shape, finding a stable holster for it has been a challenge. We decided to take on this challenge by working with the experts at Pagan Ridge Kydex.

Introducing our Flux Raider Mp17 OWB holster, Version 2. Each holster features  closed-ends and well placed tension screws to adjust tightness and provide good retention.  Included with every holster is a retention security strap that is user-installable/removeable.  Our current mold works with multiple weapon-light options, but has been positively tested with Modlite PL350, Surefire X300/A, Streamlight TLR7a, and Olight Baldr series lights.  It also works without any light attached to your Raider (slick).  Raiders with compensators will also fit in our holster (up to a full-sized slide WITH 1.25" comp attached).  Our universal mold will also fit Raiders outfitted with TacDev Ripstik charging handles and Forward Operating Pedals (read below)

Version 2 Changes

  • Precision Molded - Cleaner Lines and lead times are much shorter!
  • Universal Mount Pattern - Mounting holes can mate with G Code, Blackhawk, and Safariland platforms.  Each holster still comes with a Safariland QLS mounting fork.
  • Secure-Strap - "Pull-The-Dot" secure-strap that is user removeable if not desired.  Perfect for extra retention, securing in a vehicle, or transport.  
  • Works with multiple weapon-lights as well as slick.
  • Ripstik (Right Hand Only) and FOP (Right and Left available) Compatible -  compatible with or without the Tactical Development Ripstik Charging Handle and/or Forward Operating Pedal
  • Compensator-Compatible

    NOTE:  Ripstik Charging Handle options are currently only available in Right Handed (charging handle on the left side of slide).  Left hand version will be available in the future.   

Color and Options:  We are still working on making our holsters available for multiple lights, charging handles, and compensators.  If you do not see the attachments or color options you want, please email us what you are looking for in the order comment's section and we will see if we can source the them to make the holster for you.  Please contact Stuart at paganridgetactical@gmail.com.  In the future, we plan on offering more light, accessories, and muzzle device options to work with this highly versatile platform.

All Raider holsters are covered by a limited lifetime USA warranty.