Monkey-Fist- Self-Defense Lanyard for Keys - Weighted Ball, Paracord in Pastel Colors

Probably one of the most under-rated, inconspicuous self-defense tools of all time is the "Monkey Fist".  Historically, rope tied around lead weights were used by sailors to through lines over open water from ship to shore.  These were later used as improvised self-defense tools.

These versions are much smaller and fashioned out of military-grade paracord.   At first glance, they look like a simple lanyard or even a cat toy.  But at the business end of the braised cord is a knot containing a heavy, hardened, steel ball.  The length of cord is perfectly measured to allow anyone to swing with enough force for the ball to impact an attacker hard.  Clip it to your keys or carry it in your pocket.  Perfect for students.

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