Survival Fire Starter - Waterproof Ferrocerium Rod and Striker

Material: Aluminum Alloy
Size: Total length of 9.7cm / 3.8 inches
Length of Rod: 4cm / 1.5 inches
Color(s): Black, Green, Orange

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Fire, Right from the pocket

This lightweight,portable piece of gear is small enough to be carried anywhere.  All parts are encased in a water-tight, anodized shell. Keeping everything together in one convenient, low-noise package. 

Fail-Safe for emergencies

Perfect for your hiking or bugout bag!  A ferro rod and striker can be a lifesaver when trying to start a fire, especially in damp conditions.  When the rod is scraped by the multi-surface scraper, hot sparks shoot into your tinder to ignite it.  This item is essential for hikers and campers wanting to plan for everything, or those wanting to experience the adventure of primitive fire making.  

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