Kubey KU166 Fixed Fighting Knife - Tanto Blade in D2 Steel, G10 Scales, Kydex Sheath

  • The Kubey KU166 is a purpose-driven compact knife designed for self-defense. Like many "ringblades", it falls into the Intermediate Fighting Knife (IFK) concept. It can be worn weak-side on a belt/vest and and be used to fight through entanglements with dedicated assailants.

    Due to the ring at the center of the blade, the knife can be retained with an open hand. This allows you to not only switch from cutting to grappling mid-fight, but permits to use of a two handed grip on a firearm without needing to sheath or drop the knife.

    The blade is made out of hardened D2 tool steel and the grip scales are constructed out of textured and bi-toned G10. Attractive, deep red accents can be seen when looking at the scales from a top view. Included is a quality kydex sheath that can mount to a belt or be strapped to molle gear.

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